Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So a while ago, I entered a contest with almost 900 other contestants. I came in 10th and my buddy, the talented, Aisleen came in first! So this post is the turn around I submitted for lead character. It's a bit dated, but I realized I didn't have any turn arounds here.


Cory Lewis said...

I need a god symbolizing the god of trust. ideas. what do u have for that?, . I'm drawing a complete blank, I've got a kid running around with an umbrella will post if you want to see. My wife is laughin at me...LOL

Jarrod Gecek said...

lol, that was just a complete steam of consciousness wasn't it? just seemed like you started hitting keys on the keyboard and that's the paragraph you came up with , hahaha.

"Fides" is the Godess of Trust, try looking her up and seeing if anything comes to you from those searches.

I certainly DO want to see that mini Mary Poppins running around

Positive Thoughts said...

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