Friday, July 1, 2011

Sasquatches (again)

Flash versions of the sasquatches below.


Aisleen said...


I was going to make a self portrait joke until I realized I already did on your other post! D'oh!

Move to california already fucking a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jarrod Gecek said...


Did you move to California? I must have missed that. lol.

Also, read my response to your facebook comment. I was laughing so hard when i typed it. It's pretty vicious.

Cory Lewis said...

you guys need to learn how to play nice. love the drawings as always.

Jarrod Gecek said...

:-D Thanks Cory!

Anonymous said...

Thanks A lot ,,,
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Ted Terranova said...

Oh boy. How many hours did you spend drawing the giant nipple on the one to the left? I think you've outdone yourself. Your flash drawing skills are getting really good. Looks as good as PS but I bet it's tons quicker.

Jarrod Gecek said...

In school I majored in "Nipple Illustration" so the nip didn't really overwhelm me. haha

Thanks Ted. I love drawing in flash. I think i remember you saying you were learning flash too. Any progress on that?